Thursday, May 2, 2013


Listen, not to the critics, who put their own dreams
on the shelve, if you want to get the truth to admit it,
you gotta find out for yourself. Garth Brooks.

Journalist's need to take note of a Garth Brooks song
from 1997.

The amount of hate that they spewed out over Ricky
Gervais's Derek was grotesque, they of course hadn't
seen it, but wanted to boost their own career, by
ripping into a genius like Rocky Gervais.

Even the public got onto the anti Gervais wagon,
screaming out "Ricky is mean and cruel to people
with mental disabilities"

Well, I have just watched the first series of Derek
and I have to say, it's one of the most kind, heartwarming
sweet programs ever made.

Finally a program that shows the pure innocence of
people, instead of making jokes about people who
are kind of heart.

Derek is a volunteer at an old folks home, and this
series can be so so sad in moments, but you find
comfort that a human being like Derk exists.

Watch Derek before you judge it, don't listen to
the Journo's or the people who write letters
complaining, just watch it.

You will be moved.

Congrats to Ricky Gervais for once again
creating a great piece of art.

Here's hoping people all over the world
will view it.

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