Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Zealand Inland Revenue Department

Hello IRD people.

My stats counter shows, that someone using an
IRD computer has come to this blog, hope
your enjoying this blog on your lunch break.

Also, despite the ads on this page, I have made
no money from this blog.

In the past few months, it would appear, workers
from various government departments have come to
this blog, feel free to leave a comment or two.

Calvin and Hobbes

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hone Harawira is disgusting

Hone Harawira is disgusting.

It's not the fact that he is one of the
most self righteous people in New Zealand.

It's not the fact that he has filled his party
with the most racist people in New Zealand,
the likes of the vile Annette Sykes and John
Minto and Sue Bradford.

It's the fact, he is a spitter, if he disagrees
with what is happening, he spits, it's just
simply grotesque.

How any decent human being can call
spitting a protest is beyond me.

Then again Hone Harawira is no decent
human being.

Too bad the media is too gutless to call
him out on it. will they one day?

I anit holding my breath.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Black Caps fail to step up

Over the weekend, the New Zealand Warriors
showed heart, and show guts and came back
from their worst loss ever a week ago to win,
by outplaying the newcastle knights, it was a
courageous performance that got them back into
the good graces of the public.

The same cant be send for the poor excuse of
a sports team known as the blackcaps, how one
team can make the same mistakes over and over
again, is beyond me, it's not like it's just been happening
over a couple of seasons, these same mistakes have
been happening for decades, and it seems to be
from the senior players.

Most international cricket teams go through the same
sort of cycle, a period of winning and success, followed
by a rebuilding period.

The New Zealand cricket team seem to go through a
period of feeling sorry for themselves, blaming the
coaches, blaming the public, heavy drinking and
heavy smoking sessions, loss after loss, after loss,
the senior players never take responsibility, it just
goes on and on.

It's gotten to the stage that the public doesn't care, kiwi
sports fans dont care if they win or lose, and that is
because the players don't, the player's know their
bread and butter is the IPL, so why bother taking
tests seriously.

Well Mr Ross Taylor and Brendan McCullum, the
public now have more of a sporting choice, unlike
the old days, and I'm guessing one day, cricket
will not be on the minds of the NewZealand sporting
public, thus no money for just turning up and losing.

Here's hoping the players will change their attitude
and fight for their country.

I anit holding my breath though.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Does someone have to go

And it's the reality TV department of Fox.

Their new show is they go into offices, and make the
low level employees the bosses for a week, and they
have to decide on three people who aren't doing their
job and the worst person gets fired.

Yes a reality tv show, at a business where someone will
end up getting fired for real.

Not sure if they will do a follow up show, where the fired
person loses their house,  gets an illness from the stress,
with a divorce to follow and maybe even commits suicide,
wont that get the ratings up!!

Of course the Fox TV people who created and run the show,
wont do an episode at their place of work, I guess it's more
funny to watch ordinary people, have their life's turned
upside, all in the name of our entertainment.

A completely grotesque concept,  I urge no one to watch
this and I hope it gets cancel,  just a cruel, nasty, vile

Fingers crossed there will be no copy cat shows like this.

I anit holding my breath.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Modern Family Review: "Goodnight Gracie"

Modern Family had it's season four finale tonight.

The show of course has been renewed. It ended on
a high, with what I thought was a sweet moment, involving
the Dunphy's youngest daughter, Alex.

Phil's mother had died, so they all went down to
Florida for her funeral, of course the side stories
were extremely funny, Mitch representing Gloria
on a false charge of running a brothel, Cam befriending
a bunch of old ladies, Jay tracking down his first, and
Phil's late mother's last wish of setting her husband up
with a nice lady neighbor.

For myself though, this episode was actually about
Ariel Winter, the young actress who has had a hell of
a year, who is now being looked after by her older sister
after her mother mistreated her.

Ariel Winter play's Alex Dunphy, the Dunphy's youngest
daughter who never breaks the rules and always tries to
do the right thing.

So in the show, Alex's grandmother leaves her a lighter, and
a note telling her, that the lighter was left in a cafe by Paul
Newman and she took it, and a guy who saw, didnt tell,
 of course that guy turned into Alex's grandfather.

A beautiful message for Ariel and Alex, that's its okay
to break the rules.

A wonderful  message for anybody really.

A wonderful season finale from a wonderful season.


Roll on season five.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Justin Bieber got Booed at the BMA's

Never thought I would do a blog post about
Justin Bieber.

But I have figured out why, he got booed at
the BMA's.

It's the public stance against his marketing and
his own inability to work out why he is successful
and his prima donna attitude.

A long long time ago I worked at a fast food
restaurant, we had a manager there, who's
sense of self worth was through the roof, he
treated people like crap.

Now some may say, Gordon Ramsay does the same
thing, the difference being is Ramsay paid his dues
and is truly one of the great chefs of the world, while
a manager at a fast food restaurant, clearly isn't.

So we come to Justin Bieber, a kid who has a nice
voice, and is a good looking young kid  with such a  baby face.
His fan base is mainly young girls and middle age woman.

But he's a kid who has never paid his dues, he didnt play
the cheap sleazy bars for ten years like Garth Brooks,
he didnt grow up in a trailer park and rap in
underground venues, like Eminem, he never played
in his parents garage like Kurt Corbain.

Yet he comes across, as the world should
acknowledge his talent and that he gets to
behave in a way that the rest of society doesn't,
I could kinda understand, if he started off his career
like the above people, having worked, toiled and
sweated his way to the top,  but no, basically the kid
got lucky, and had the right people behind him.

To stand in silence at the BMA's like the world
should be hanging on your every word, was
embarrassing for himself, and he embarrassed
everybody in that room, he hadn't earned the
right to do that.

So we come to the main reason, why I think he got
booed, and that is marketing.

I live in New Zealand, and went to a local mall
today, I passed by a bookshop, and in the window
was a display for your very own Justin Bieber pen set.

Next to that was several Official and Unofficial Justin Bieber
autobiography's and next to that was Justin Bieber's secret

Now there is no way in hell, this kid knows all this stuff is
on the market, he would've course signed off on the
company to use his image,  to whore yourself at such
a young age is truly shallow and not to know what
products are using your image, shows you have no

Everytime I log on to the internet and go to a news site
in New Zealand or the USA or anywhere in the world,
there is a story about Justin Bieber, every time I turn
on a radio there is a news item about him, read a newspaper
or turn on the TV, the same thing, it's like he is afraid if
we dont see or  hear about him 24/7 we might not love him
or care anymore.

It's extremely grotesque that he would allow all these news
organizations, to keep doing this, believe me if the PR company
he hired, didnt contact the news outlets and PAY them to
do a story on him, he wouldn't be in the news.

But this is what this 19 year old man wants, every day on
earth, everybody on earth, must hear a reference to him,
it's quite sickening in fact.

The public shouldn't have to see blown up pics of him
kissing Selena Gomez, if the media stopped printing
these pics and stories, the world wouldn't care, yet
there is a whole team of PR people to make sure
these pictures will happen.

Every camera shot, every bit of hair, every piece of
his outfit is to make sure the world is thinking..

"That is one cool kid"

Now sure this kinda of marketing is now new, but
it has never, ever been to this extreme and the
attitude of this narcissist who is not very self aware,
is terrible and it will blow up in his face.

He could save his career, by not selling out at
every stop, and firing his PR firm, but I doubt
that is what he wants.

It shouldn't worry me, but I would love to go
one day without having to hear, what he is
up to, but that isn't going to happen, Justin
Bieber will make sure of it.

If it continues though, the boos will get a
lot louder.

Time will tell.

Old Enough to commit an adult crime

Old enough to go to an adult jail.

Not only did these four 12-13 year old thugs, rob
someone's house, twice! They felt the need to trash

By trashing this person's house, they showed a
superiority complex and a sense of entitlement,
also they showed their stupidity, by trashing this
house they ended up getting caught.

So what should happen to these little 12 to 13 year

Well if your old enough to commit an adult crime,
your old enough to go to jail.

Let see them act like little tough guys in prison.

Thoughts and Wishes to Oklahoma

Thoughts and wishes to the good people of

Steven Adams set to become New Zealand's Biggest sport's star

When Steven Adams is drafted to the NBA, most
people are expecting him to be drafted  in the top
20, his world will change and the New Zealand
sporting scene will change.

He will become New Zealand's most famous sports
person, ahead of the likes of Sean Marks, Ryan Nelsen
Wynton Rufer, and even Peter Snell.

He will also after his first year become our highest paid
sports person, he of course will be on the rookie wage
for his first season, but then his wage will sky rocket.

He is a seven footer, who has a great transition game and
a seven footer with a jump shot, yes a seven footer with a
jump shot.

So get ready New Zealand, for he's about to take the world
by storm.

Enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Office Closes

Best Finale since MASH.

Home run, out of the park.

Tender and warm, and funny with the exact amount of
emotion needed, with the characters staying true to

So many highlights,  what an amazing idea by the
writers and producers to let the characters do
a talking head segments about their time at
Dunder Mifflin.

That was the main point of the storyline, each character
got to say their goodbye, if your a fan of the office, you
will be in tears.

I agree with Jim, it was his best prank ever on Dwight,
to pull out as Best man, because he secretly had got
Michael to come back for the wedding.

I cheered and yelled, and then laughed as Michael Scott
delivered the greatest That's what she said, ever on the

Dwight giving Jim and Pam a huge severance package
was wonderful, and showed his true feelings and when
he said they could stay in his barn, it was classic Dwight.

Loved his talking segment, when he talked about his
co workers and ended with saying Jim was the best
man at my wedding and Pam is my best friend, every
office fan around the world, must of bawled their eyes
out at that comment.

The Line of the night, belongs to Michael, looking at
Jim and Pam and Dwight and Angela at the same
table talking and laughing and Michael says with
a big smile on his face. "It's like my children all
grew up and married each other"

So the story lines were

Michael and Holly have Children.

Jim and Pam are going to Austin for Jim's
sports marketing career.

Dwight married Angela and is the regional manager.

Kevin has bought a bar.

Erin found her birth parents.

Andy Bernard  was laughed at on youtube but has
now found success at Cornell.

Darryl also works for the sports marketing business.

Toby was sad, but  cheered up, when his coworkers
inviting him back for drinks at the office.

Stanley lives in Florida.

Phyllis is still married and really misses Stanley and is
trying to fatten up her new co worker.

Meredith has got a Phd.

Creed got arrested for drugs.

Ryan and Kelly ran away together.

Nellie adopted Ryan's baby.

Oscar is running for State Senate.

To say this episode if ten out of ten,
does it a disservice, this was the best
finale since MASH. Nothing comes

Truly wonderful.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Office

The Office has one episode left, what can one say?

I started watching the office around season four, I
was so sure it couldn't hold a handle to the english
office, after watching season one, so I stopped
watching it.

Then I decided to give it another go, and now it's
one of my favorite shows of my lifetime.

I feel bad, I only started to blog about it, around
season 8, and that was the worst season, so my
posts were negative.

I look back on the series with fondness, and a
sincere warmth, that other series, cant match.

Season nine has blown me away and has cemented
The Office as one of the greats, the tenderness shown
between Dwight and Pam, and Dwight and Jim and
of course Jim and Pam has come off so well, it's  a
credit to all those involved.

Now with one episode left, what are office going
to do?, we can be thankful that we have nine years
of memories, we can watch and rewatch, we can
go back and see how the writers developed the
characters, we can catch references, we can truly
appreciate it for the wonderful piece of art it is.

Thank you to the office, it's going to be very sad tomorrow
to see you leave, what you given television, can never be repaid.

Hats off to everybody involved and roll
on the finale!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Best Office Moment ever "Your a good assistant Jim"

The Office Cast Farewells

Jim and Dwight TV's greatest Couple

Jim and Dwight are surly TV's greatest ever couple.

Jim and Pam are up there too, but for me in the whole
history of television, no one comes close to Jim and

Bitter bitter rivals, with Jim's prank playing always seeming
to get the better of Dwight, but Dwight always had his
moments also, remember the epic snowball fight, sure
Jim hitting Dwight with a snowball inside was perfect,
but Dwight's epic snowman army, instilled fear into
Jim, that day might be considered to one of Dwight's

Yet despite being rivials, they always seem to have
each other's back's if someone else was trying to
pick on one of them.

Dwight's protection of Jim, when Jim was attacked, Jim
not telling Dwight's secret to the rest of the office and of
course Dwight's fondness for Jim's wife, Pam.

Now in the final season, with just one episode left, we
have been shown their true feelings for each other, a
deep deep friendship, an understanding that they come
from different places, but a true respect and a true
bond with each other.

This is why, I think this couple could be the greatest
TV couple in Television history, and one of the
reasons that The Office is one of the greatest
TV shows in history.

One episode left, Jim and Dwight will be  missed
and will never be replaced.



Battlestar Galactica.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Office

In Honor of The Office, all my posts this week, will
be about The Office.

The Office will air it's last ever episode Thursday (USA Time)

My life will never be the same, without my weekly dose of

Ideas for Aaron Gilmore's Utu

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Office Review" "A.A.R.M"


I'm in tears.


The last two episodes of The Office have been the best
they have ever done.

With just  ONE episode left of all time,  The Office tied up
some loose ends before the finale.

The video Jim showed Pam of their time during the
past years, was very emotion and showed Pam that
they will never split up.

Daryl dancing with his fellow co workers before
he left was a nice surprise and showed his real
feelings for them.

Meredith telling the doco team she had been on
her best behavior was freakin brilliant.

Kevin being Kevin was great, Dwight being told
it's his kid was and Angela excepting his proposal
of marriage was a highlight.

But what made this episode, what they did to perfection,
what had me in tears, was the Jim and Dwight moment.

Two rivals, who pranked each other for
nine years, (well mainly Jim doing the pranking)
showed each other their true feeling's, they touched
on it in the last episode, but took it one step further
in tonight's episode.

When Jim gave Dwight the speech, and Dwight got
all red eyed, you believed the emotion from both men.

Great friends, who truly care about each other.

The Office needed this scene to put it alongside
the greats of Television, and with that scene, its
place in TV history is cemented.

It was perfection.

Well done to the cast and crew of the office.


Mighty River Power Shares Soar

Congrats to all kiwis who bought shares in Mighty
Power River, over 100 kiwis are now richer, and
that is amazing.

There would've been more investors making a bigger
profit, if the New Zealand Labour Party and The New
Zealand Green party didn't play vulgar  politics and
come out and try to stop it, they scared all 100's of
thousand of kiwis who were going to invest, and now
those kiwis have lost out.

Shame on the Greens, and shame on Labour.

When will these extremist political parties learn that
they don't have any right to tell Kiwis who we can
or cannot buy shares in?

So once again congrats to the people who didn't
take notice of the small protests around the country,
who stood by their convictions, who didn't listen
when the Greens and the Labour party, played the
politics of fear, they're the winners of today and
you know what, they deserve to be.

Well done to them.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Modern Family Review: "My Hero"

Tonight's episode of Modern Family, tilted "My Hero"
may not be the funniest of the season, but it certainly
was one of the sweetest.

This season I feel the character of Alex may be
under used, it's great that Ariel Winter is finally
being taken care of in real life by responsible adult's
and in tonight's episode, it was great to see  Haley
take Alex under her wing, and show her how to flirt.

This was the highlight of the episode for me, and when
Alex told her older sister that she was smart, it was a sweet
touch, the later scene showing Haley get the community
college pamphlets  out of the trash, while Alex was seen
in the background smiling ear to ear was a wonderful moment,
no show does this type of scene better than Modern Family.

The other story lines were good, Cam being jealous that the
family is still friends with Mitch's old boyfriend was funny
and typical Cam. The storyline of Claire not wanting to work
with Jay was believable, the mini storyline of Phil and Gloria
though seemed to be thrown in  there.

I like the fact that Manny wrote in his paper that his whole
family were his heroes, it seemed typical that a teacher
would mark him down for not reading the assignment right,
I side with Manny on this one, he should've gotten an A.

Luke didnt have much to do in this episode.

Anyway, a sweet episode with Alex and Haley stealing the


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson Retires

Sir Alex Ferguson,The greatest football manager of all time
has retired.

It's now official, Manchester United has tweeted that he
will retire at the end of this season.

A Legend of the sport.

He will never be replaced.

No manager will ever get close to his record.

IMHO, 1999 was his greatest year.

May he celebrated world wide.

Doesn't matter if your a Manchester United fan
or not.

He is the greatest in football.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Office: "Living the Dream" Review

Not really a review of tonight's episode, (the pic above
is not from tonight's episode), but a comment on tonight's

I'm so so so glad, the office has done what I wanted
before it ended.

I've been dying for a scene like this for this season nine
and it happened, now I'm really okay with how they take
the final few episodes.

I wanted a scene involving Dwight and Jim, even though
they had been rivals for nine years, there was a genuine
respect and fondness for each other.

I was afraid this would never be shown, but the writers

When Jim went up to congratulate Dwight on becoming
manager, Jim put out his hand, and thought better of it,
and went it for a hug, the hug was mutual.

It was warm, it was tender, and handled beautifully
by the actors.

Also in a following scene, Jim asking to be assistant to
the regional manager was a nice touch.

Ten out of ten for The Office tonight, one of the best
episodes, they've ever done.

Ten out of

Garth Brooks Back at Wynn

Great news for Garth Brooks fan, who thought they
had to wait till July  2014 to see Garth.

Garth Brooks played at the Wynn from 2009 to 2012,
during selected weekends. He had his last show in
November 2012.

He has now announced he will come back and do
four shows on Memorial Day weekend and two
shows on July fourth weekend.

The shows will be filmed for special DVD to
capture his time at the Wynn.

There are rumors that the shows will be directed by
Martin Scorsese.

Great news for Garth fans who need a Garth fix in 2013.

This should hold us to July 2014 when he fully comes
out of retirement with a new tour and album.

I can't wait!

Having Garthgasms!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Modern Family Review: "Career Day"

It had been a long wait in between episodes, but the
wait was well worth it. Once again, Modern Family has
done a ten out of ten episode.

Let me say, I hate Gil Thorpe as much as Phil Dunphy, I
hope the writers keep up the rivalry , because it's
great to see the happy go lucky Phil, stressing out.

This episode revovled around three stories, Jay wanting
to write a book, Claire thinking about working for Gil
Thorpe and Cam and Mitch accidently giving Lily $100
dollars  for her tooth.

The tooth fairy storyline worked, and Hayley saving the
day by telling Lily that Santa is watching was pure genius.

Having Manny write the "Chuck Stone" storyline for Jay
was brilliant, only a kid wouldnt know that cellphones
were around that many decades ago.

Best storyline again, had to be the Gil Thorpe storyline,
Phil tries so so hard to be the cool dad for his kids, and
having his speech ruined at career day by Gil and then
having Gil offer Claire a job, and Phil in the end supporting
her, showed Phil's heart.

(I would love a Phillow by the way) Thankfully Clarie
quit her job.

A wonderful episode, after a month's break and only three
episodes left of the season.

Modern Family is the best thing on Television at
the moment, its a credit to the writers/creators/actors,
long may it continue.

Ten out of Ten.

Porirua Policeman becomes Hero

A Porirua Policeman has become a hero, saving
a woman's life.

They tasered a man a who was trying to stab a woman.

What can one say about our police force. They put
their life's at risk everyday, only for the public to verbally
abuse them, only for politicans to scream out that they're
too rough, opnly for bloggers to take the criminal's side.

Well guess what? a lady is alive today because of the police,
an officer saved someone's life, an officer put his own life
at risk to stop a thug from murdering someone, how can
this officer be repaid for his heroic deeds?

Well little boy racers can stop wearing FTP shirts, politicans
from various extreme left wing parties and stop screaming
about how bad the police are, bloggers can write pro
police stories and the public of New Zealand can say
two words.

Thank you.


Listen, not to the critics, who put their own dreams
on the shelve, if you want to get the truth to admit it,
you gotta find out for yourself. Garth Brooks.

Journalist's need to take note of a Garth Brooks song
from 1997.

The amount of hate that they spewed out over Ricky
Gervais's Derek was grotesque, they of course hadn't
seen it, but wanted to boost their own career, by
ripping into a genius like Rocky Gervais.

Even the public got onto the anti Gervais wagon,
screaming out "Ricky is mean and cruel to people
with mental disabilities"

Well, I have just watched the first series of Derek
and I have to say, it's one of the most kind, heartwarming
sweet programs ever made.

Finally a program that shows the pure innocence of
people, instead of making jokes about people who
are kind of heart.

Derek is a volunteer at an old folks home, and this
series can be so so sad in moments, but you find
comfort that a human being like Derk exists.

Watch Derek before you judge it, don't listen to
the Journo's or the people who write letters
complaining, just watch it.

You will be moved.

Congrats to Ricky Gervais for once again
creating a great piece of art.

Here's hoping people all over the world
will view it.