Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Trolls in One Week

An eventful week for this blog.

This is a little blog, maybe 50-100 hits
a day, depending on the subject matter.

I managed to get rid of one slimy troll who had
been trolling me since the days of usenet in the
90's, which is a bit scary to be trolling someone
for that long.

The second troll is a bit of  a strange troll, the
type of troll who posts everywhere, who is
on every form of social media, who comments
on every news site, while telling people to shut
up or F off, the type of troll who thinks free speech
and the internet is just for them, a troll that
 has a huge chip on their shoulder, a troll who in the past
 has copied and paste this blog with no credit to the blogger.

This type of troll, can only feel only big  if they have little
trollet's, telling them  how great they're.

That troll will also no longer be reading this blog.

The third troll has friends in high places, they get their
friends to browse the internet, just in case someone
might mention them, they're protected by the media
who let them say anything, but when they're proven wrong
they just shut up and nothing.

That troll may not come to this blog, but their friends
have and they're aren't welcomed either.

So say goodbye to the trolls, the idiots, the people who
think the internet is just for them, say goodbye to the name
callers, the bullies, and most all of the hypocrites, they're
the worst kind, and this blog will always call those trolls
up on their BS.

But the first troll will never be mentioned again.

Its about time too.

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