Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seven Sharp and kiwistargazer

 (update: It appears people in the Hamilton city
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TVNZ's Seven sharp, needs to get Anjum Rahman
who blogs under the name kiwistargazer, back on.

On the day of the Boston Bombing, they had her
on to I guess, talk about the Muslim perspective.

She stated that since President Obama took office,
attacks on Muslims in the USA has increased.

The segement was presented in a way, IMHO to
suggest attacks on muslims may increase if the
people who did the bombing were Muslims.

A week later, Seven Sharp or blogger Anjum Rahman
has yet to mention, that the people of Boston, didn't
burn down a mosque, didn't attack middle eastern people
in the street, their was no racial violence or hate crimes.

They haven't mention that the people of Boston came together
as one, and showed love and unity to all, they sang songs at
baseball games, they supported their police, they supported all,
they showed the world what human dignity can be about.

Yet, Seven Sharp and kiwistargazer has failed to mention this.

I guess it's the new style of journalism and blogging, suggest  a
negative, then when the negative doesn't happen, just shut up
and say nothing, because it doesn't matter, you got your false
point across.

Too bad about truth though.

The people of Boston deserve more from the media and
the bloggers of the world.

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