Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NZRFU and MEDIA soft on Domestic Violence

It's disgusting what has happen.

Having his Hurricane teammates going on the news saying  "He's a good guy"

Having the media saying his employers should've supported him more.

Having the head of the NZRFU, suggest that he still should be allowed to play.

Well good guys don't assault/threaten woman.

Also the way the media has handle this story is nothing short of sinister.

Where are the Journalists coming out, ripping into this player?
Lets face it, if your a Rugby Union player you can do what you like.

Do people here really think if this had been a Rugby League player,
 that assaulted his partner, the media would've treated the
 story the same, of course not, there would've been outrage and rightly so.

There is so way this guy should be
 allowed to play, in fact he should be
 in jail, not having his face on TV.

It was a domestic violence incident, he deserves no respect and no sympathy.

Our media  always make light of a incident if
a Rugby Union player abuses a woman, but if a player from
another code does it, they go as far to say "that code should be banned"

Lets hope his victim gets justice, but I anit holding my breath.

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