Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Modern Family Versus Trump

No contest.

It's never a contest when it's heart versus money.

Donald Trump has turned into a clown.

His tweets calling Modern Family's Exec producer
and writer Danny Zuker a loser, are embarrassing.

Donald Trump created money with his dad's wealth.

What Danny Zuker is apart of, is something special.

Modern family will be remembered along side the
greats of television, MASH, Seinfeld, The Office, the
show has broken down barriers with Cam and Mitch and

It has a realness about it, the kid actors are played by kids,
the story lines are real, the charcarters are iconic, Phil Dunphy
will go down in TV history as one of most beloved people
of all time.

For Donald Trump to call anyone invovled in this show a
loser, shows how out of touch, how unemotional, how heartless
and I'm guessing insecure he is.

He has become a parody of himself, but not a clever one.

His mean spirited tweets only show what a sad desperate man
he is.

He can only get ratings for his dismal reality show, by having D
grade celebs on it, Im guessing Snooki and Screech will be
signing up next.

Meanwhile Danny Zuker work on Modern Family continues
to make it a massive hit worldwide , and rightly so for it's warmth,
its humanity, and its humor.

So hats off to Modern Family for four years of showing the
world what television can be about.

As for Donald Trump, the world knows where your heart
lies, in your wallet and your ego.

I know who I would rather support.

Keep up the good work, Danny Zuker.

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