Thursday, April 11, 2013

Irene Van Dyk: Take a Lesson from UCONN

New Zealand Netball player, Irene Van Dyk needs
to take a lesson from The UCONN Huskies woman's
Basketball team.

No one is questioning her mental toughness, she played a
game after her mother died, its her physical toughness that
comes into question, when she questions so called rough
tactics in Netball.

Well, it's lucky for Van Dyke, that she has never stood on
a Basketball court.

She needs to look at the UCONN HUSKIES, Freshmen
Breanna Stewart who  is always putting her body on the line, thru
out the season, her bumps and bruises, her cuts and her bleeding
are a badge of honor.

I have just came back from the states, and was lucky enough to
catch plenty of woman's basketball's games at all levels.

Right from Middle school, to high school to College, and  what these
sports women put themselves through in training, and on the court
is second to none.

I come back to New Zealand , to see the top Netballer on the Planet,
talk of how the game of Netball is too rough, if she thinks that is
rough, Irene Van Dyk wouldnt last two minutes in a high school
girls basketball game.

Of course the media gives her a free ride, Nzherald writer Dana
Johannsen and TVNZ are taking Van Dyk's side.

If they were serious about Journalism, they would show the public
footage of some high school and college woman's Basketball games
to show the public, and the public could compare what is tough
play on a court and what is not.

But that anit going to happen.

So in the meantime, the states can enjoy superstars like Brittney
Griner, and New Zealand can be in shock and awe if Van Dyk gets
pushed over to the ground.

I know what I prefer to watch.


Morrissey Breen said...
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Brett Dale said...

Yep she will transform the league