Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garth Brooks Hit with idiotic Lawsuit

How can Lawyers be so dumb, will they take any
case at all, because they see dollar signs and think
their victim, will settle out of court.

This is just plain crazy. A former business associate
of Garth Brooks has hired a lawyer (who anit exactly
Denny Crane) to sue him. I'm not sure what for.

According to Lisa Sanders who worked for Garth's
Red Stroke productions, Garth turned down a role in
Saying Private Ryan and a role in the movie Twister,
she said he had a huge ego, and once lied about his
father dying.

As pointed out by someone on the forums at Planet Garth,
Lisa has been caught out lying herself, Lisa stated, Garth was offered
a role in a movie, yet the date she gave was two years after it was
made and released.

If your going to make up a false allegation against someone, at
least get your timeline right.

It's now coming out, she herself was sued a few years back for
not repaying loans.

Garth Brooks has denied all the charges and left it
in the hands of the lawyers.

Here's hoping a judge will make sure that Lisa Sanders
will never make another false allegation again.

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