Friday, April 19, 2013


The people of Boston, stood proud, showed heart,
show the Human race, how you are suppose to act
in a crisis.

People of cultures, religions, races stood by each other
and showed the human race what love and dignity is
all about.

They should be congratulated and the people of Boston
can certainly hold their heads up high.

Some bloggers in New Zealand, may of thought, their
would be racial/religious  hatred, they have been proven
wrong, their first thoughts turned to hate, the violence they
thought would happen didnt.

Some people on message boards, embarrassed themselves
by writing idiotic statements like, "What about Iraq"

The brilliant blogger James Robinson had a answer to
What about Iraq? statements.

He wrote the following on his blog....

"The "what-about-Iraq" comments here miss the point.
I stewed on them for a couple of days and what I have to say is this.

If you grieve a friend of yours dying, are you being
 disrespectful to everyone else that died that day? No.

I lived in Boston. I live in America. This was big news to me.
I'm well versed in Iraqi policy and America's failings there.
 And don't just zero in on Iraq because its in the news.
 People are dying in huge numbers in places that America
didn't invade too. There's a lot of bad stuff out there, always
 happening. That doesn't mean that seeing bombs going off in
 my former home isn't somewhat traumatic. I hope I never have
 to sit next to you guys at a dinner party."

James piece sums it for me. Well done to him, I suggest you
read his blog over at

I would also not being honest with myself, if I dont
mention kiwi Muslim Blogger, Anjum Rahman, she went on TV's
Seven Sharp programe, ten hours after the terrorist attacks to talk
on attacks against Muslims in the USA, suggesting the same will
happen in Boston.

Ms Rahman, it didn't, the people of Boston are better than that,
it would be kinda nice, in fact kind of honest, if you would
acknowledge that the people of Boston are  a genuine kind
 caring people who didnt burn down Mosques
 or attack Muslims in the street, they spent their time
helping their fellow man, giving blood, supporting
and giving love to everybody regardless of race or religious background.

They did the Human Race proud.

Again here's hoping you will do the right things and acknowledge this
either on TV or your blog or in social media.

Stay strong Boston.

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