Friday, April 26, 2013

Andre Lemanis

Well done to Andre Lemanis, his threepeat with the
Breakers, gave enjoyment to all Basketball fans in
New Zealand.

Now he is the coach of Australia, a position he deserves.

In a fairwell interview, he did the right thing, and that was
having harsh words for SportNZ (formely SPARC).

He talked of how SportNZ gave no money at all to
the sport of Basketball, and told them, the sport will
suffer and that for the sport to grow you have to fund
boys and girls Basketball at the junior level.

Andre is right, for SportNZ to give no funding to
Basketball at all, is grotesque.

Basketball is a major global sport, it's second only
to soccer as a team sport.

Every Journo in this country, should be outrage, instead
they just shut up because they are too worried by their
only sport.

It's a black eye for SportNZ, here's hoping one day they
will correct their poor decision.

I anit holding my breath.

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