Friday, January 11, 2013

The Office Review: "Lice"

The Office has only half a season left.

Tonight's episode was titled "Lice" it revolved around
everybody  mistakenly thinking Meredith bought lice
into the office (it was Pam).

The second story line was Darryl and Val breaking up
then getting back together.

The third story line, was Jim, as usual being awesome
and everybody loving what he does (this time it was DrJ's

They might as well rename this final season, "Everybody Loves
Jim" because he can do no wrong and in terms of great
television, it's getting old.

This is been my bug bear with the show in the past, I only
hope the writers don't make it all about Jim for the last

Anyway, tonight belonged to Meredith and Dwight, the visual
jokes of the Lice bomb worked, and Meredith gesture at
the end was great.

Nice side story with Erin and Pete, but Jim being great all
the time is dragging this last season down.

Still an episode worth watching.


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