Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pseudonymous Bloggers

Over at the website "The Hand Mirror" there is a
post about Pseudonymous Bloggers.

It got me thinking about posting, using your real name or
a fake name, and it got me thinking about the fake names
I used since the mid 90's on usenet and forums to stop spam
coming to my inbox.

Of course there was Brian McGee, Homer's fake name.

There's been Jeff Perkins, Michael Nash,  Gareth Brent and
gopolks and kiwiman.

Lately Modern Family has been an inspiration. Skip Wosmen
and Clive Bixby.

There's also Todd Packer from the Office that I have used.

I just wonder though, there are real people with those names,
and perhaps someone people may think, what Im writing is
coming from those guys. Also some of the names I have
used, others have also.

So  you cant say for sure, who is writing what on the

I guess that is the way its suppose to be?

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