Thursday, January 17, 2013

Modern Family Review: Party Crasher

What a wonderful episode.  An all time classic, in fact
season four, would probably have to be my favorite
season so far of Modern Family.

Many highlights tonight.

Manny's first kiss, and the embarrassment of it, when
his family surprised him with his surprise birthday.

Cam being Jealous of Lilly's relationship with Mitch.

Gloria and Jay behaving badly with Gloria giving
birth at the end.

Despite all these big story lines, it was once again
Phil Dunphy and  Haley, Dad/Daughter moment that stole the episode.

The moment he gave back out of the elevator and
Haley heard how he really feels about her,  was
one of the sweetest moments Modern Family
has ever filmed and it had me in tears.

The laughs in this episode came from Phil's
strange sort of crush on Hermione  Granger
and Cam accidently injuring Lilly on several

The scene when Phil with the shears about to
cut off Haley's boyfriend's hair was a fall out
of your chair moment it was so funny.

Glad to see Luke and Lilly are the now in
the same position with the new baby.

There is a reason why Modern Family
is fast becoming recognize as an all
time classic.

Everything from the acting to the writing
to the directing is honest and heartfelt.


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