Thursday, January 10, 2013

Modern Family Review: "New Years Eve"

A funny sincere way for the second part of season four
to start.

I was going through, Modern family withdrawal symptoms,
but its back underway for 2013.

I could go through all the different story lines for tonight's episode,
but for me they were all overshadowed, by Haley being mature and
caring for Luke, she and Alex were in charged of looking after
Lily, Manny and Luke, and when Luke who is now 14, bought
a girl over and went up to his room to make out with her, Haley
was shocked.

At first, her and Alex, didnt know how to handle it, but with maturity
she played the part of a mother and told the girl to get out or she
will call the girls mother.

Haley and Alex then looked at each other, and came to
agreement, that they don't want their little brother to grow
up yet.

Very sweet moment, the end was classic, when midnight struck,
they toasted each other, but then swapped drinks, because Alex's
one had alcohol  in it.

Beautiful episode.


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