Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is Jim Halpert a Jerk?

Is Jim Halpert a Jerk?

In the past I have done two posts on Jim Halpert, one
asking the question, Is Jim Halpert a sociopath, the
other asking, Is Jim Halpert a bully?

Now, Im asking, is Jim Halpert a Jerk?

For nine seasons, his pranks have always had  a smugness
to them, it's almost like he is saying, "I'm better than you"

His victims, normally always Dwight, but have also been
Michael and Andy, are people who are less intelligent than
him, people who arent in a great place, people who are just
struggling with everyday life.

Jim has got the girl, he married her, he has kids, he is
happy, he's about to be part of a successful  business,
that him and his friends are starting up.

Yet he still feels the need to put people like Dwight
in his place, there's a self righteousness to Jim that
is awful.

Think back the past nine seasons and everything he has
done, you may of cheered him on, thinking what a great
guy, but if he was doing these pranks to you, I don't
think you will be laughing.

He is a jerk, and I for one, would hope the writers,
with just half a season left,  will try and show this to
the viewers, but considering it's been nine years,
and Jim has been treated as a nice guy, I dont think
it will happen.

The writers would have to have courage, to turn the
viewers opinion of someone around  after nine years.

Time will tell.

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