Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bob Gale on Mattel's Prop Replica Hoverboard

It would appear Bob Gale is
still not happy with Mattel's
prop replica, Hoverboard.

In a interview with Rich Handley,
he said, they bit off more than they
could chew (that's what she said)
and then pretended it was, what they

He said this typical of corporate behavior
and they should've gone back to the fans
of come to him.

What I take from this, is Gale is taking some
heat, he is proud of what he created and is
upset that Mattel maybe taking shine off
his legacy.

Here's hoping one day, a company will do
it right.

Time will tell.

PS: Gale didn't say, "That's what she said," I
wrote that for comedy reasons.

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