Monday, January 7, 2013

20/20 cricket Money changes players

Make no mistake, it's money that is the
motivation for players behavior in
various 20/20 tournaments around the

Sure Shane Warne is a idiot and a
thinned skinned hypocrite who thinks
there are different rules for him.

But it's money and not pride and passion
that is ruling the roost in 20/20 cricket.

Cricketers can huge amount of money
so when the size of their wallets is at
stake, things can get a bit nasty.

This is what happened last night, the media
as always can't wash their hands of this.

Cheering Warne on, saying he has fire and
passion, of course if a Non Australian player
acted like this, the same commentators would be
calling for life time bans.

But that's another story.

So get use to this, the players aren't thinking
about winning trophy's for their teams or
providing entertainment, they are thinking
about money.

Clear and simple.

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