Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bob Gale on Mattel's Prop Replica Hoverboard

It would appear Bob Gale is
still not happy with Mattel's
prop replica, Hoverboard.

In a interview with Rich Handley,
he said, they bit off more than they
could chew (that's what she said)
and then pretended it was, what they

He said this typical of corporate behavior
and they should've gone back to the fans
of come to him.

What I take from this, is Gale is taking some
heat, he is proud of what he created and is
upset that Mattel maybe taking shine off
his legacy.

Here's hoping one day, a company will do
it right.

Time will tell.

PS: Gale didn't say, "That's what she said," I
wrote that for comedy reasons.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Office Review: "Suit Warehouse"

Jim is a nice guy, he is successful, he is happy, he
can do no wrong. Everybody else are idiots.
One funny joke, involving a Basketball and


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Modern Family Review: Party Crasher

What a wonderful episode.  An all time classic, in fact
season four, would probably have to be my favorite
season so far of Modern Family.

Many highlights tonight.

Manny's first kiss, and the embarrassment of it, when
his family surprised him with his surprise birthday.

Cam being Jealous of Lilly's relationship with Mitch.

Gloria and Jay behaving badly with Gloria giving
birth at the end.

Despite all these big story lines, it was once again
Phil Dunphy and  Haley, Dad/Daughter moment that stole the episode.

The moment he gave back out of the elevator and
Haley heard how he really feels about her,  was
one of the sweetest moments Modern Family
has ever filmed and it had me in tears.

The laughs in this episode came from Phil's
strange sort of crush on Hermione  Granger
and Cam accidently injuring Lilly on several

The scene when Phil with the shears about to
cut off Haley's boyfriend's hair was a fall out
of your chair moment it was so funny.

Glad to see Luke and Lilly are the now in
the same position with the new baby.

There is a reason why Modern Family
is fast becoming recognize as an all
time classic.

Everything from the acting to the writing
to the directing is honest and heartfelt.


Mr Drummond dies


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong finally admits he cheated

The confession will air on tv on Friday.

He confessed to Oprah.

All I can say is.

Its about F**** time.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is Susan Pepperell a Liar?

(Update: Despite tweeting Susan Pepperell and
asking for a answer, she has never replied to my
tweet, to why she said she has never written for the
New Zealand Herald. Oh also a big hi to the good people of
the Wellington city council, feel free to leave a message
and please stay shake free)

Susan Pepperell tweeted...

"I've never written a story for the NZ Herald"

Yet, according to a google search she has...

NZ Herald Story 1

NZ Herald 2

Nz Herald 3

Is she lying?

Am I missing something?

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Office Review: "Lice"

The Office has only half a season left.

Tonight's episode was titled "Lice" it revolved around
everybody  mistakenly thinking Meredith bought lice
into the office (it was Pam).

The second story line was Darryl and Val breaking up
then getting back together.

The third story line, was Jim, as usual being awesome
and everybody loving what he does (this time it was DrJ's

They might as well rename this final season, "Everybody Loves
Jim" because he can do no wrong and in terms of great
television, it's getting old.

This is been my bug bear with the show in the past, I only
hope the writers don't make it all about Jim for the last

Anyway, tonight belonged to Meredith and Dwight, the visual
jokes of the Lice bomb worked, and Meredith gesture at
the end was great.

Nice side story with Erin and Pete, but Jim being great all
the time is dragging this last season down.

Still an episode worth watching.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Modern Family Review: "New Years Eve"

A funny sincere way for the second part of season four
to start.

I was going through, Modern family withdrawal symptoms,
but its back underway for 2013.

I could go through all the different story lines for tonight's episode,
but for me they were all overshadowed, by Haley being mature and
caring for Luke, she and Alex were in charged of looking after
Lily, Manny and Luke, and when Luke who is now 14, bought
a girl over and went up to his room to make out with her, Haley
was shocked.

At first, her and Alex, didnt know how to handle it, but with maturity
she played the part of a mother and told the girl to get out or she
will call the girls mother.

Haley and Alex then looked at each other, and came to
agreement, that they don't want their little brother to grow
up yet.

Very sweet moment, the end was classic, when midnight struck,
they toasted each other, but then swapped drinks, because Alex's
one had alcohol  in it.

Beautiful episode.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TV Lowers the bar Again

How disgusting, the poor poor woman, do
people like this trash, watching a woman in
fear, screaming and crying.

How can there be a show like this?

A sad day for television.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is Jim Halpert a Jerk?

Is Jim Halpert a Jerk?

In the past I have done two posts on Jim Halpert, one
asking the question, Is Jim Halpert a sociopath, the
other asking, Is Jim Halpert a bully?

Now, Im asking, is Jim Halpert a Jerk?

For nine seasons, his pranks have always had  a smugness
to them, it's almost like he is saying, "I'm better than you"

His victims, normally always Dwight, but have also been
Michael and Andy, are people who are less intelligent than
him, people who arent in a great place, people who are just
struggling with everyday life.

Jim has got the girl, he married her, he has kids, he is
happy, he's about to be part of a successful  business,
that him and his friends are starting up.

Yet he still feels the need to put people like Dwight
in his place, there's a self righteousness to Jim that
is awful.

Think back the past nine seasons and everything he has
done, you may of cheered him on, thinking what a great
guy, but if he was doing these pranks to you, I don't
think you will be laughing.

He is a jerk, and I for one, would hope the writers,
with just half a season left,  will try and show this to
the viewers, but considering it's been nine years,
and Jim has been treated as a nice guy, I dont think
it will happen.

The writers would have to have courage, to turn the
viewers opinion of someone around  after nine years.

Time will tell.

Monday, January 7, 2013

20/20 cricket Money changes players

Make no mistake, it's money that is the
motivation for players behavior in
various 20/20 tournaments around the

Sure Shane Warne is a idiot and a
thinned skinned hypocrite who thinks
there are different rules for him.

But it's money and not pride and passion
that is ruling the roost in 20/20 cricket.

Cricketers can huge amount of money
so when the size of their wallets is at
stake, things can get a bit nasty.

This is what happened last night, the media
as always can't wash their hands of this.

Cheering Warne on, saying he has fire and
passion, of course if a Non Australian player
acted like this, the same commentators would be
calling for life time bans.

But that's another story.

So get use to this, the players aren't thinking
about winning trophy's for their teams or
providing entertainment, they are thinking
about money.

Clear and simple.

Awesome Lightening Storm in Nelson, New Zealand

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lance Armstrong to admit he cheated

According to the media, Lance Armstrong will admit
that he took performance enhancing drugs.

Wow, just wow.

I will believe it, when I see it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pseudonymous Bloggers

Over at the website "The Hand Mirror" there is a
post about Pseudonymous Bloggers.

It got me thinking about posting, using your real name or
a fake name, and it got me thinking about the fake names
I used since the mid 90's on usenet and forums to stop spam
coming to my inbox.

Of course there was Brian McGee, Homer's fake name.

There's been Jeff Perkins, Michael Nash,  Gareth Brent and
gopolks and kiwiman.

Lately Modern Family has been an inspiration. Skip Wosmen
and Clive Bixby.

There's also Todd Packer from the Office that I have used.

I just wonder though, there are real people with those names,
and perhaps someone people may think, what Im writing is
coming from those guys. Also some of the names I have
used, others have also.

So  you cant say for sure, who is writing what on the

I guess that is the way its suppose to be?