Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Blog is just my Opinion

This blog is just my opinion.

It's my thoughts on various subjects.

I've been writing this blog for nearly
five years. I started it because I saw
a hypocrisy with the media, and like
all humans wanted to get my say out

This blog is also just done for fun, it
doesn't make money, it's well a hobby.

As someone who blogs I go to other blogs
and I get inspiration for my posts.

Some bloggers can get quite aggressive, and
a lot of name calling happens.  So let me state
just one thing again.

This blog is just my opinion on various subjects,
if you feel I have made a statement of fact, that's
factually incorrect, comment here, and I will remove
the piece.

Nothing is meant to be stated as fact here,
it's just my own thoughts and ideas.

Again, it's just my opinion, and I'm not
stating anything as FACT.

I will remove any piece that you may deem
to be defamation of character.

I have also post at other blogs in the "comments"
section, if you feel I have stated something as
FACT and not OPINION, I will withdraw that

Hope this clears things up.

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