Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Standard has no Standards

(Update 2: Yes as pointed out 
by a delightful fella, the post I found
was not the one where the poster said
F off, but the one where the poster
said P off, I got my swear word wrong)

(Update: over a 15 hour period I
got verbally attacked and called a
liar for pointing out that a blogger 
from another blog had told people to P off in the comment
section of her blog. The writers said
I was making it up, well I found one of the
offending post, and posted it at the standard,
did they have integrity  to say sorry, of course
not, they just continued along their merry way,
I cannot respect any adult who doesn't have the
courage to admit that they're wrong, these
guys will make perfect Labour party politicians)

The far left blog, the Standard is trying
every little trick in  the book to hurt The

For some bizarre reason, they think
if this movie is not as successful as
people had hope, then it will look
real bad on New Zealand Prime Minister,
John Key, and will be a victory for the Unions.

My word of advice to them is...


If it's successful critically, and commercially
it will be because of the hard work and passion
of all those that were in it and involved in it.

I for one, hope it does well, it looks visually beautiful,
and has a great cast, and for three hours you can get
taken to the world of Tolkien as imagined by the great,
Sir Peter Jackson.

Cant wait to see it, and I hope people, regardless of
their political ideology will go see it, because this
movie deserves to be seen.

As for the members of The Standard,  well perhaps
one day you can get your imagination and youth back.

I anit holding my breath though.


Mr Viper said...

Just so no-one's confused by conflicting stories, here's the direct quote of what you actually said:

“stargazer as a Labour list MP routinely deletes people’s comments and tells the writer to F off, if anyone shows a different opinion to her”

That's why people are calling you a liar. She may well have told people to 'f off', but not because someone has a different opinion to her.

You know this, because you've been to her site to look for examples of her doing this, but the closest you found was one of her telling someone to 'f off' because they "don’t care to respect anyone’s boundaries or polite requests", i.e. for being a rude obnoxious a-hole.

That's nothing at all like what you said she did.

I think it's probably best that you own up and say you were wrong.

Brett Dale said...

Yes I have updated this post, the post that I found was the one where she said "P off" not "F off"

I have yet to find that post, and I'm anit going back looking for it.

Mr Viper said...

It really doesn't matter what particular swear word she used, the point is that you are accusing her of censoring opinions she disagrees with.

As the comment you quoted says, she kicked that commenter out because they "don’t care to respect anyone’s boundaries or polite requests".

Nothing to do with having "a different opinion to her".

Brett Dale said...

Different people read things differently.