Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Hypocrisy of The Standard

The reason why I started this blog in 2008,
was summed up today, by the far left NewZealand
website, "The Standard"

They are the very meaning of hypocrisy.

For the past few days after the tragic event in Newtown,
CT, these so called caring left wing people, ripped into
the USA and didn't give any sympathy to the victims, instead
they felt the need to bring up Iraq and Gaza, and ask what
about sympathy for these victims??

Which is highly insensitive, cruel and somewhat repugnant.

Now Fiji is about to be hit by a cyclone, and the same posters
whop failed to give a hoot about the children murdered in the
USA, are posting thoughts and wishes to the people of Fiji,
saying we need to help them, even though Fiji has their
military in Iraq, like the USA.

There was no bringing up war when talking about
the disaster in Fiji, no bringing up the military government
there, and what they have done, they just bought up the

This anti USA bullshit has to stop in New Zealand.

The left wingers in New Zealand are so hypocritical, they
talk of love and peace and helping your fellow man, but
lets face it, they are only about helping your fellow man,
if their fellow man is against capitalism and the USA.

What happened over at the standard the past few days
was disgraceful, not only disgraceful in terms of political
blogging, but disgraceful in terms if the standards of human
decency, they were quite sick if you ask me.

The posters there are on the same level as Westbro Church,
they just have a different agenda.

It's a agenda we don't need in New Zealand.

Its a agenda the human race doesn't need.

Let me make it clear, what they should've written about the
massacre in Newtown is "Our thoughts and wishes go out
to the victims and their families"

and not the pure hatred that they wrote.

I guess their are just some ugly people in the world,
what makes them worse is the hypocritical/self-righteous
of these people.

They're New Zealand's shame of the internet.

One day they may grow an actual heart.

But I'm anit holding my breath.

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