Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder need to ask himself two question,

"Why did I become a Journalist?"

Then secondly..

"Why did I decide NOT to be a Journalist?"

For those that are interested, Steven Crowder is the
Fox News Jounro, who got punched at a Union rally
in Michigan.

The Union was protesting the anti Union bill, that got passed,
that was strangely titled "Right to work"

Instead of asking the Union guys in calm, clear manner, why
are they against this bill, he yelled at them, stood over them
and was really really aggressive, he ended up being punched.

Now those that read this blog, know I wouldn't join a union
myself, but believe everybody has the right to join a union.

I also don't believe in violence, but I have zero sympathy for
Steven Crowder, he seems to be a bully that would
 verbally aggressive, just waiting for a reaction like this.

He has chosen to do pieces for Fox news and their
billionaire backers, and this is the result.

His supporters will cheer him along the way.

I anit one of them.

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