Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steven Crowder Edits Video

(If anyone has the link to the unedited video, I
think Huffingtonpost may of had it, please post it
on youtube, the public has the right to know)

Things are looking worse and worse for Steven Crowder.

On his youtube and twitter page he continues to show an
EDITED video of what happened. Fox news also shows
this EDITED video.

The UNEDITED video shows Steven Crowder being very
intimidating, very aggressive with  his body language.

The UNEDITED video which has now been EDITED shows
him screaming his lungs out at the Union guys, it was looking
like he ready to punch them.

If I was the police, I would be looking very very seriously into
charging him with attempt to cause a riot.

Steven Crowder has got what he wants, public sympathy, a
lot of airtime on Fox News pushing an antiunion and anti left
cause, and he has made himself out to be a victim.

He's not a victim, he's the worst type of bully, the kind of
guy who would goad another people into a violent act, and
then say "what did I do?" worst off, he's an unethical journalist.

He should be ashamed, but he thinks he's some sort of hero.

Here's hoping the public will find out the truth.

Time will tell.

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