Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scott Neitlich NOT answering the ACTUAL Questions

I've  put a couple of questions and suggestions to Mattel's
Brand Manager Scott Neitlich, A.K.A toyguru.

His answers at Matty Collector's forums have been at
best ambiguous, and at times it seems he's not really
reading the questions.

Yes as he points out at the fourms, he does this on his
own time, so I guess people should be thankful for that.

But to not directly answer a question, is a bit off putting,
I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, and it
must be doing his head in, all these questions about the
prop/replica/toy Hoverboard form a ton of people.

But here is the deal, I put to him just the suggestion as
a bit of fun, will Mattel in the future try to create a
Skating Rink in a controlled environment where
Hoverboards will actually work!

He just wrote a generic reply about how  there are no
plans for additional Hoverboards.

Which  of course isNOT what I asked, I repeated
the question several times, but didn't get a straight

This to me is taking the Mickey out of the customer, and
is disappointing.

Anyway I thought the user KOWL had a great idea, teaming
with Universal Studios to do the skating rink at one of their
theme parks.

I dont think this will happen, I just wish Scott Neitlich would
at least acknowledge the suggestion, he can laugh it off, but
at least give an answer to the ACTUAL question asked.

Or perhaps I'm too harsh?

Anyway, still counting down the days to 2015.

It seems along way, away now, just like it was in 1989.

Who knows?

Time will tell.

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