Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scott Neitlich Answers Questions

(Update, let me add Scott has taken some grief by
customers at matty collector, but he's always been
polite to my questions)

Scott Neiltich has answered the questions that people
wanted answered.

The question was...

"If they could make a board 23 years ago with a lenticular surface,
how come Mattel couldn't do one in 2012?

His Answer.

"Because the boards made "23 years ago" were expensive
hand made props. The 2012 mass produced manufactured
toy needed to come in at 120.

Adding a lenticular would have skyrocketed the price. Lenticulars
are large extremely expensive. We did look into it and could
not find a way to make it work and still deliver an affordable

Making this comparison is honestly not fair. You are comparing
a hand made film prop with a high budget to a mass produced
toy for 120/130. It is not apples to apples at all."

So there ya have it, fans of the Hoverboard were getting
confuse with a prop replica with a hand made film prop.

We will know next time.

Scott Neiltich also said the Hoverboard was a success and
a near sellout, but it appears there wont be a year two, and
it will be a one off.

So Hoverboard fans, we still have some Time to wait
to get a real hand made film prop that is the Hoverboard.

It would appear an even longer wait FOR A REAL

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, friend of Scott, but the man promised a lenticular surface on video.

Need any other proof he was not truthful?

Mattel's ad (still on their website) says "Back to the Future™ Hoverboard (Prop Replica).

Scott also said it would be "film accurate". His words, nobody else s.

More dishonest advertising.

Brett Dale said...

Fair enough points, and they should've been more honest. In my previous posts I have been critical of Scott.

It's not a good look for Mattel and it took a while for him to answer questions at matty collector.

He did answer my question, so I give him Kudos for that.

Im sure there will be further fallout over this.