Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scott Neitlich and Hoverboard Thoughts

Well people have got their hoverboards arriving in the
mail, this week, and a long long year of hard work for
Scott Neitlich has come to the end.

The results and feedback from the fans?


First off, I went to youtube and saw a couple of videos
people have made reviewing the final product.

Let me say, the most positive aspect of the Hoverboard, is
that it glides real real well across carpet from what I saw.

It does give somewhat of an illusion that it's hovering, above
the ground (although of course it isn't.

Secondly from a distance, it looks exactly like the hoverboard
Marty used in the movie.

The negative, close up, you figure out that it's stickers, and the
noises although lifted from the movie, doesn't sound like they
were from the movie.

So there is good and bad and I'm just
 judging, by what Ive seen on youtube.

My words of advice for Scott Neitlich would be, the
advertising earlier on in the year, probably promised more
than it delivered.

Maybe if you do a year two,  you can shock some fans by
going to that french artist and seeing how you can create
a stand and use lasers and magnets to get this thing to
Hover in a display format.

That would be awesome.

But, even in that format, your not even close so far,
still nice glide feature.

Looking forward to year two, if there is one.

Time will tell.

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