Friday, December 14, 2012


(For the Non New Zealanders reading this, PAKEHA
means white person)

Racism has aired it's ugly head, but not from the people
you would expect it from.

Over the past couple of weeks, thru the internet blogs,
and facebook and of course Twitter, there have been
some quite ugly racist comments in the form of the
commentators calling other races, well racist.

Lets start with the Maori dance troupe, JGeeks, they recently
got fourth on New Zealand's got talent.

Brilliantly talented, fun, entertaining and they seem like
all round nice guys, pity same cant be said about their fanbase.

The JGeeks fan based exploded in anger, some of the
comments were....

"Typical racist pakhea's, not voting for Maori"
"What is this rigged?, tvnz didnt want the Maori to win"
"Won't buy Clara's new album the little Pakeha b****"

The fans of the other contestants, didnt seem to mind,
but the Jgeeks fans were furious.

There's a debate that says if your part of a minority
you cant be racist, that only people who are
party of a majority and in a position of power
can be racist.

I don't buy that for a second.

Isn't being a racist, means you are judging someone
by their race?

It would seem there are a few racists on facebook,
and I think their racism goes deeper than a talent

Here's hoping one, no one will be judge or judged by

I anit holding my breath though.

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