Friday, December 21, 2012

New Zealand Internet Awards 2012

Favorite Kiwi Tweeter: Goes to Thomas Abercrombie
the New Zealand international Basketballer and Breaker
player for always being honest and funny with his Tweets.

Favorite Kiwi Journo Tweeter: goes to Andrew Mulligan
for keeping the crowd informed and being serious and funny
when needed.

Worst Kiwi Tweeter: Jesse Ryder for thinking he is funny
and for bagging his employers, despite them giving him one
last chance time and time again.

Best Kiwi Blog: Kiwiblog for providing political insight
without being nasty  when getting attacks from the left,
and for having great travel tips also.

Bias Kiwi Blog: Goes to "The Standard" for their lack
of empathy for any USA victim and their pure hatred for
anything and anyone that doesn't conform to their ideology.

Gutsy Blogger: Cameron Slater from Whale Oil, for
despite having a rabid right wing base, stuck up for the
rights of Gay people to marry.

Hypocritical /Disingenuous Blogger: Has to be Anjum Rahman
from "Kiwistargazer" for her passive aggressive attacks against
America, her disgust if anyone dares give sympathy to the USA
and her self righteousness that is on a level with John Minto.
Her comment that the American Flag is just a piece of cloth was

Shhhh Sexism is only bad if its white Blogger: Of course
this goes to the feminist Blog "The Hand Mirror" who fails to
call up any act of sexism if the people carrying out the sexism
are non white.

Most Ill-informed Kiwi Message Board: The people
who post messages about sport, politics, entertainment on
the Trademe message boards.

Where is he/lifetime achievement Award: Dimebag, the
New Zealand version, hasnt seen him on the internet for years,
most funny kiwi person on the Internet ever.

International Media Award: Huffington Post.

International Forum Award: Democratic Underground.

Most fun I have on a Forum Award: Matty Collector discussing

Last Award/Hope your webpage gets better: Garth Brooks.

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