Thursday, December 13, 2012

Modern Family Review: Diamond in the Rough

Another Homer Run for Modern Family.


This week's episode revolved around Cam and
Claire wanting wanting to go in and buy a house and
flip it, while Mitch and Phil were against it, and Phil
let Mitch be the bad guy.

Side storylines was Manny and Luke's baseball team
in the playoffs, and Gloria singing badly to her unborn

I like the way the txt's between Phil and Mitch  were
actually group txt's that everybody received.

I also like the way, Mitch and Phil blackmailed
each other.

As always with Modern Family, they got it sorted out,
they got the house, Manny got hit with a baseball, thus
giving his team the win, and Jay got into the groove of
talking to his unborn baby.

The best lines were...

Claire: Ive made choclate chip pancakes
hayley: im not 12
Phil: dibs on hers.

Luke: will you chock up a little
Manny: probably when they play the national anthem

Jay: Papa will buy ten diamond rings to get the mocking bird to
shut the hell up

Cam: I picked blue to match your eyes,  i shouldve pick
black to match your heart, although you look good in black,
Love you.

Jay: I will talk to you in the morning. (talking to his unborn
baby, while Gloria was asleep)

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