Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breaking News: Matty Collector Deletes Customer Questions

Following Bob Gale's letter to the media, Mattel's
collector  site "Matty Collector" has seen an influx
of questions to their forums, the forum was set up
by Mattel to answer customer's enquires.

The person that is charged with doing this is none
other than Scott Neitlich. A.K.A toyguru.

Well the one question the fans want answered is
being deleted, not sure if its a legal issue or they
just think it looks bad for Mattel, but its the one
question that people want answered.

The questions is...

If they could make a hoverboard with a Lenticular
surface  23 years ago, how come Mattel couldn't do the
same in 2012.

Time will tell, if they ever answer this question.

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