Friday, December 7, 2012

Harry Silcock avoids Jail

(Update, the Police are now saying he wasnt
racing, or even speeding, he was overtaking
on a double yellow line)

Harry Silcock is the boyracer that illegally
took part in a drag race on a public road,
hit someone, killed them and drove off.

Judge Jane Farish said Jail wont help, so
she gave him community service.

Judge Jane Farish has to be go.

She should be fired.

How dare she, let this piece of murdering
crap go free.

He belongs his jail, what sort of message is this
to the idiots on our road.

You can drag race, you can kill someone, you can drive
off, but hey you wont go to jail, because you might not
like it, you will just have home detention  and community

This is a disgrace, Harry Wilcock is a disgrace, Judge
Jane Farish is a disgrace.

Shame on our court system.

A bad day for the New Zealand justice system.

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