Saturday, December 8, 2012

Disgusting Violent Protesters

Once again the left wing protest movement proved how
violent and disgusting they're are.

Two police officers got assaulted, one female officer
was repeatedly kicked in  the head, by a female

The usual suspects were involved in this ugly protest,
Green party MP Catherine Delahunty, activist John
Minto, the other 148 protestors were from the usual
Socialist/communist parties and various anti Israel and
various union groups.

Jane Kelsey who (organized the protest)
like most socialists  tried to blame the police.

The protest was against free trade, and as usual, they
tried to burn the American flag.

Well here is a message to all those protestors who

You guys aren't the 99%, you guys arent even the 1%
your a handful of people who have an ideology that
99.9% of kiwis DISAGREE with.

How dare you, try to dictate to the country, how this
country should be run, and how dare you be violent
towards the police and members of the public.


Heres hoping justice will be done, and the people
who attacked the police will be bought to justice.

I anit holding my breath though.

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