Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did the NZRFU have a hand in Sparc Funding

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this one,
I tend to believe.

It's not beyond reality to think that the NZRFU would
have a quiet word with Sparc about what sports they
will fund.

Now Im not saying they did this to boost their own funding,
but it would be in their best interests if a sport that they
deem to be in competition with rugby, doesn't get any

That sport is Basketball.

It doesn't hurt the NZRFU if Equestrian gets millions,
because that is not going to effect them, but Basketball
getting a boost, would hurt Rugby, so the NZRFU would
like to see that sport suffer.

So was there back room deals?? The NZRFU already has
had secret meetings with TVNZ  (according to one Journo)
about how they cover other sports, which are in competition
with Rugby, so why not have a word with Sparc?

Stranger things have happened.


Morrissey Breen said...
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Brett Dale said...

Hey man, this writer moi, is going to delete any more comments you leave on my blog.

You have been spamming and trolling the internet for 20 years now, Im guessing your in your mid 40's and have never owned a passport in your life.

As the great James Robinson once said, "I would hate to be at a dinner party with you"