Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bob Gales Releases another Letter

This time, he added the above photo. Bob Gale was
very kind to Mattel, which will please Scott Neitlich.

He basically stated, that many Hoverboards were used,
and it shouldn't really matter if the colors may of been
slightly different.

He said he had no problem with the basic design and

He went on to explain, how they shot certain boards for
the movie, and why they did so.

I doubt if this is going to appease Back to the future fans,
or if Bob was asked by Mattel to do this.

Design and colors didn't seem to be the big issue for fans,
and, Bob Gale in his first letter, explained what the issues

His second piece can be read at

Personally I'm just waiting for Scott Neitlich to comment.

Here's hoping he will shed some more light on why Mattel
got it so wrong.

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