Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bob Gale Unhappy With Mattel's Hoverboard


Double Wow.

Triple Wow.

Did not expect this at all.

Bob Gale has came out and
criticize Mattel's Prop Replica

In a piece he wrote, he stated, he was disappointed
with the stand, disappointed with the sound
and glide feature.

He also said it's okay to throw eggs at him, of
course he was joking.

He stated if it was half the price he would love it,
but it wasn't.

He went on to say, he contacted Scott Neitlich to
tell him he was going public with it,and Scott was
very professional explaining the issues.

Of course the big issue was the lack of a Lenticular
surface on the board. Mattel used stickers.

He bought up a point, that I also cant get my head around.

Basically Bob Gale's point was...

If 23 years ago we could produced a board with a Lenticular
surface, how the heck couldn't Mattel produce one in 2012 and
why didn't they contact him  again.

Bob Gale's letter to the public can be read at bttf.com.

I sincerely hope that Scott Neitlich and Mattel will release
a public statement.

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