Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alanah Eriksen late runner for Worst Jounro

Is Alanah Eriksen a late runner for worst
Jounro of the year.

She recently did an article on Universities
giving out Honorary degrees and how
much these costs.

She listed the great Peter Snell as someone
who has received one of these at cost to
the University. He got one from Massey.

What she has failed to do is explain to her
readers the degrees that Peter Snell earned.

 He gained a B.S. in Human Performance from the University of
California, Davis, and then a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology
 from Washington State University. He joined University
 of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas as
 a research fellow in 1981. He is Associate Professor,
 Department of Internal Medicine and also Director
of their Human Performance Center. A member
of the American College of Sports Medicine, Snell
was honoured in 1999 as an Inaugural Inductee,
 International Scholar, into the Athlete Hall of Fame,
University of Rhode Island.

Why would she leave this out?

Peter Snell is one of the most respected men in his
field on the globe.

Yet Alanah tried to make out, that he only has  a

Disgraceful journalism.

Here's hoping our Journos will try better in 2013.

I anit holding my breath.

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