Sunday, November 4, 2012

To the writers of Homeland

Please, please, please take notice of the blacklash
that 24 had, when they tried to write Jack Bauer's
daughter into the storyline, with her getting kidnap.

There was no need to have Dana and her boyfriend,
run over a stranger, in a program about the cia
and terrorism, and a solider being turned.

This storyline will hurt the show, people hated Kim
with a passion on 24, why?, because it took away
from the actual plot, it was not needed, it was padding.

Now on the brilliant Homeland, we have just started this
crazy storyline with Dana?

It was not needed, please end this one rather quickly,
it will hurt the show otherwise.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I love Dana. She's a better written and acted character than Kim Bauer. And since unlike 24, Homeland focuses on domestic life, so it makes sense for her be drawn into the main story. The problem is the way that they are doing it is predictable and contrived. I hope it doesn't go down the path I fear it might. The more I think about it I can see how it can be a meaningful thread, but they need to get there quickly.

Brett Dale said...

Agree that she is far better than Kim Bauer, I just didn't like the storyline of the hit and run, I dont think it's needed, hopefully the storyline wont run for long.