Friday, November 30, 2012

The Office Review: "The Target"


Best episode of the season, one of the most
serious episodes since season 2, and extremely

The two sub stories were funny, one the office
building a tower out of all the customer complaint
cards, and the other Jim buying Phyllis and Stanley
dinner so they would agree to cover for him, when
he is out of he office on his new business adventure.

The main storyline had heart, Angela wanted Dwight
to hire someone to physically assault the person who
had an affair with her husband (Dwight didnt know it was
Oscar at first) when Dwight found out, he stepped in and
stopped it, and then comforted Angela.

This episode showed  the true feelings these people
have for each other after being co workers for nine
years. With Dwight helping out, Phyllis and Stanley
agreeing to help Jim, and everybody cheering on Pam.

It would appear Erin has a thing for newbie.

Brilliant episode, comedy highlight of it, belongs
to Meredith, with just one word.


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