Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Obama Wins Second Term

(I'm calling it, I dont care what CNN and Fox
news are saying, the lead in Ohio is too big)

Congrats to President Obama for winning
the 2012 USA election.

President Obama deserves a second term,
he saved the USA from recession, bought
in affordable healthcare for more people,
and gave the order to kill the world's most
wanted terrorist, not sure what else people
who didn't vote for him, wanted him to do?

The media, especially Fox News, should be
embarrassed, their commentators such as
Dick Morris, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends,
were predicting  a landslide victory to Romney,
arent these guys suppose to be Journalists?

Wolf Blitzer must also be aiming for a job
at Fox News, even when President Obama
was pulling ahead in Ohio, Wolf tried to
make it close.

In the end there was just too many states that
Romney had to win.

It was always going to be too hard for Romney,
mosts stats people knew this, the media didn't.

The people spoke and they spoke for President Obama.

So once again Ohio plays a huge part.

The polls and research were right, the media's
polls and that of Dick Morris was so far off,
it should be called fraud.

If your middle class or female or gay, this is
socially a big win.

Here's hoping everybody will move forward in
the next four years.

Time will tell.

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