Thursday, November 1, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Yard Sale"


Again a perfect episode from Modern Family. The episode
revolved around the family's yard sale, the main story centered
around if Alex's boyfriend was gay, he obviously is, but that
doesn't stop Alex from believing different.

The other side stories were, Phil being scared of motorcycles
but wanting to prove he was a man, Mitch wanting to keep
the jeans and Gloria's puppet.

I really loved the Alex story, it's a hard write to write a
story line involving  a14 year old girl, you can either get
too cheesy like Disney programmes or too dramatic
like a movie of the week, it helps that the actress that
plays her, Ariel Winter is only 14 in real life.

The one liners were coming thick and fast, some of
the best Modern family has ever written, they were.

Even I think its nerdy and im fluent in elvish (Alex)

I'm ready to plurge and thats not how i lost weight (Cam)

I'm terrified of motorcycles but sometimes you have to
do things to show your still a man (Phil)

I'm not nervous Ive had bigger hogs than this between my legs. (Phil)

Can you talk to her (Claire)

Not when she is like this, oh you mean alex? (Cam)

You didnt need to bring in ya big gay guns to back it up, no offense. (Alex)

I kinda like it (Cam)

What's your return policy (person at yard sale)

You return I call the police (Jay)

Again 10/10 for the funniest show on tv.

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