Thursday, November 29, 2012

Modern Family Review: "When a Tree Falls"

Yet again, Modern Family proves itself, the best comedy
on television, with plenty of huge laughs along the way.

The storyline revolved around, Claire and Gloria shopping,
Jay and Phil taking Many and Luke to a friend's party, Cam and
Mitch trying to save a tree from getting chopped down.

My favorite storyline though was Alex, trying for revenge against
her sister, by taking  a picture of her picking up trash during
her community service.

The picture of Haley's mug shot alone, made watching this
episode worth while.

I do hope they're going to do more with Alex, she a complex
character, who needs to be explored more deeply.

Phil beating up Jay with the oversize boxing gloves  was
another highlight.

Well done for another brilliant episode.


Some lines from tonight.

On one hand, Im upset i have to pick up garabage on
the other, I look cute in orange. (Haley)

Your a kid your not Nixon on the beach (Jay)

 Look I'm  Mexico again, does
 anyone care, I'm not from Mexico (Manny)

We need a birth certificate (Luke)

It will be finest moment ina few years I
 hope to have more friends and not have time for
this stuff. (Alex)

Lets get philyscial (Phil)

I would rather box my daughter husbands than my sons. (Jay)

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