Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Arrested"

Another brilliant episode of Modern Family, which
had a big plot point for the rest of the season.

The episode revolved about Haley underage drinking
at her college and accidently assaulting a policeman, Jay's
first wife coming for a visit, and Luke having an allergic
reaction to some soy Bacon.

The main story line belonged to Haley, and was quite
significant for a couple of reason, we saw real angry
from Phil at his daughter's reaction, and the look of
admiration from Claire was perfect, the episode
saw Haley admitting what she did, but getting kicked
out of college for it.

The DeeDee storyline did nothing for me, but Alex
was cute when she answered the questions for the
student doctors.

The best lines were...

She's got a daughter  behnind bars and im a bad parent (Cam)

Take a lot of cash, and when you flash it to the police, dont say anything, let the
eyes do the talking. (Gloria)

Its not real bacon its fockin (Cam)
Its fockin disgusting (Mitch)

Im living in a cultrual waste land (Manny)
With a heated pool (Jay)

Hayley this is real life, not a excellent movie (Phil, a reference to clueless)

What does this do (Lily)
 I don't know, but  thanks to Obama, your  paying for it (Luke)

Overall 8/10.

I had thought of doing a post about Ariel Winter's situation
in real life, but she is 14, and I'm glad she is now, somewhere
safe, and the last thing she needs is the media/bloggers giving
all the details.

Here's hoping it will work out for her.

Time will tell.

Update: (This story is sad and is getting get worse for Ariel, thoughts
with her, imho she has so done the right thing)

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