Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homeland Review "Gettysburg"

Brilliant episode, I like how Homeland
is a smart drama, that is very very tense
indeed, and all of a sudden, they go postal,
and going postal only works in television when
you least expect it.

First off the Dana storyline, as someone pointed
out, yes she is by far a better character than 24's
Kim Bauer, and I don't think they will make her
character part of the terrorism storyline, it seems
though she may be living in fear of her boyfriend,
(the vice president's son) in future episodes, here's
hoping  they don't really play this storyline up, it's
a bit disturbing watching a young teenager get

Anyway, I thought  something would be found by
the special operations team at the shop, but I never
could guess, it would end up being total carnage,
with seven members killed, or it would seem they
are all killed. Poor Quinn.

Excellent filming of the mass shooting scene, you didn't
expect it, at all.

Where Carrie mental state goes from here, and the
plot is beyond me, this is what makes Homeland so


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