Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dick Morris

Is Dick Morris the worst political commentator in history?

He is certainly the worst pollster in history.

For months he has been saying this election will be a landslide
to Romney, he has told people the polls are skewed in President
Obama's favour, and that his polls are more accurate.

He is now saying, that Romney will still win, but it will be closer
because of Hurricane Sandy.

Look, lets be honest here, Dick Morris's biggest gig, is to
go on Fox News and bash the democrats, he has never
gotten over the fact that Clinton fired him.

Now I don't mind people pushing their guy or criticizing someone
they don't like.

I just hope they will be factually correct, and not full of it.

Make no mistake, Dick Morris is full of it.

He's going to be a sad man come election day.

He seems like a sad man anyway.

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