Monday, November 19, 2012

David Bain Juror

A very very brave Juror has spoken on TV
about the David Bain trial, the laws in New
Zealand are very very strict about what Jurors
can say to the media, and what the media can
write about.

Basically she said, that is was a bit wrong that
one juror, had google papers written by
Bain's lawyer Joe Karam, and printed it out for other Juror's
to read. (the papers weren't part of evidence presented)

She also didn't like that a couple of Juror members went to
the house where the Bain murderers took place without anyone
in authority with them, she also didn't like that a jury member, hugged
David Bain after the not guilty verdict, and a couple of jury
members partied with him all night.

She wrote to the Canadian Judge who is overseeing, if Bain
should be compensated or not, and the judge said he cannot
listen to her, yet this same judge is reading Joe Karam's book.

Hats off to her for speaking out, if this was reversed, Joe Karam
would be going nuts right now.

This whole case would put me off jury duty, it's a shame that
some jury members would appear to be bias going in.

Again hats off to this Jury member for speaking out.

New Zealander of the year, IMHO.

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