Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bye Bye New Zealand Sports Media

I'm done.  You win, you win.

The New Zealand sporting Journalist
community wins.

I can no longer read any story by them, or
blog about their articles, or even use the
stats and hard data and analytics from
the leading research companies in  the world
to counter your BS.

About a year ago, I did a post on why a
victory for the All Blacks (Nickname of the
NewZealand rugby team) will be the worst thing
for sport here, and I was right, but I should've
added one expectation to the rule.

The sport of Netball.

If you think our Journos whore up, Rugby
Union, it's got nothing on the whoring they
do for Netball.

A few years ago the NZRFU invited Netball
New Zealand and our leading Journos to a
private meeting, the meeting was basically
telling the media, that these are the sports
you will promote.

Well there is now no hope for the NewZealand
sporting public, the brainwashing is complete, we
are lead to believe that Netballers are these super
sports people and the sport is global, well for the
last time, let me say this.

No one outside of New Zealand gives a Fuck about Netball.

Even in Australia woman's Baskeball is far stronger.

The SilverFerns aren't even close to being  good sportspeople,
let alone great sportspeople.

If you showed the Netball World Cup final to Female Basketballers,
Volleyballers and handball players they would piss themselves

In fact you could teach the rules of Netball to a average
female college basketball side and  within two
weeks, they would thrash the Silver Ferns by 50

The  media has lead most of NewZealand
to believe Netball players are  super fit  fast and
strong, well that is a fabrication.

I'm done, I can no longer read any NZ sporting Journo,
I cant go to any sporting message board here.

The job is done, the Rugby world cup win was the
death of sport in New Zealand,  and the sport of
Netball is the death of female sport in this country.

So a big Fuck you to the New Zealand sporting media.


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