Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bad Parents

This is heart breaking, the big news story of the day is
of the poor 14 year old, who has taken out a restraining
order against her mother. What makes it worse, this girl
is famous, and the media is all over the story.

Now, yes there are two sides to every storyline, but
what the Mother and the Lawyer did today is just
plain disgusting, it goes beyond any method of decent

The mother and her lawyer have gone to the media to
say the daughter is making this up, because she caught
her in bed with her boyfriend.

It's beyond belief what would make a parent do this, she
is suppose to be the ADULT here, to go out and
try to embarrass and hurt your own 14 year old child is

This brave young girl was in her rights to seek a
restraining order. Now she has to go through this.

Thought are with her, and please, oh please to the
sleazy tabloid media and the mainstream media, don't
blast this child's name all over the media.

She's just a young girl.

Thoughts and wishes are with her.

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