Friday, November 30, 2012

The Office Review: "The Target"


Best episode of the season, one of the most
serious episodes since season 2, and extremely

The two sub stories were funny, one the office
building a tower out of all the customer complaint
cards, and the other Jim buying Phyllis and Stanley
dinner so they would agree to cover for him, when
he is out of he office on his new business adventure.

The main storyline had heart, Angela wanted Dwight
to hire someone to physically assault the person who
had an affair with her husband (Dwight didnt know it was
Oscar at first) when Dwight found out, he stepped in and
stopped it, and then comforted Angela.

This episode showed  the true feelings these people
have for each other after being co workers for nine
years. With Dwight helping out, Phyllis and Stanley
agreeing to help Jim, and everybody cheering on Pam.

It would appear Erin has a thing for newbie.

Brilliant episode, comedy highlight of it, belongs
to Meredith, with just one word.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Modern Family Review: "When a Tree Falls"

Yet again, Modern Family proves itself, the best comedy
on television, with plenty of huge laughs along the way.

The storyline revolved around, Claire and Gloria shopping,
Jay and Phil taking Many and Luke to a friend's party, Cam and
Mitch trying to save a tree from getting chopped down.

My favorite storyline though was Alex, trying for revenge against
her sister, by taking  a picture of her picking up trash during
her community service.

The picture of Haley's mug shot alone, made watching this
episode worth while.

I do hope they're going to do more with Alex, she a complex
character, who needs to be explored more deeply.

Phil beating up Jay with the oversize boxing gloves  was
another highlight.

Well done for another brilliant episode.


Some lines from tonight.

On one hand, Im upset i have to pick up garabage on
the other, I look cute in orange. (Haley)

Your a kid your not Nixon on the beach (Jay)

 Look I'm  Mexico again, does
 anyone care, I'm not from Mexico (Manny)

We need a birth certificate (Luke)

It will be finest moment ina few years I
 hope to have more friends and not have time for
this stuff. (Alex)

Lets get philyscial (Phil)

I would rather box my daughter husbands than my sons. (Jay)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hobbit

To Robyn Malcolm, Helen Kelly, The Unions and Peta

You made it your mission to try and ruin and stop,
one of the most important events this country has
seen, a big part of this country future depended on this
event, and because of your own ideology you tried to
brainwash the public for your selfish needs.

Guess what, you failed big time, you now have egg all
over your face, (dont worry they're free range, peta)

Aren't New Zealanders lucky that we stood by, what
we believed in, and not what a small amount of socialist bullies
believed in.

A great day.

The Hobbit

Well done Peter Jackson, you have made New Zealand
proud and a lot of money.

Our country owes you a big thank you.

You're a genius, you're at the top of your field, every
kiwi should tip their hat to you, for what you have done.

On December 13th 2012, the world is going to marvel
at the magic you have created at 48 frames per second,
and the world will be transfixed at how beautiful our country

A big thanks to Warner Bros and MGM for giving New
Zealand a chance, as you can see we kiwis love the Hobbit,
Jackson and movies.

Roll on December 13th.

I cant wait.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Angus T Jones

Should be more worried being in a sucky sitcom than
a filthy one. I wonder if he has donated all the money he has 
made from it over the years, to charity or his church? PS: Im not religious or a fan of the show.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Peter Snell is Right

In Peter Snell, we have one of the worlds leading
person in the field of Exercise Physiology, too
bad New Zealand has not recognized him for

As for the comments by kiwis to Snell's speech,
well we should be disgusted by our own ignorance.

The media can't wash their hands of this attitude, for too
they have been telling us that "Our sports people need
to go to Colin Meads Farm"

Well thats the last thing they need to do.

Our sports people need to listen to the brilliant brain
of Peter Snell and take note of his achievements in
exercise physiology, that he has advanced.

He is a legend because of this.

Too bad Kiwis just live in the dark ages, cant appreciate
what he has done.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Martin Scorsese to Direct Garth Brooks Music Special

Martin Scorsese is to direct Garth Brooks
in a one man music TV special to be filmed
in Vegas this USA winter.

Garth Brooks will start a new world tour in
June 2014, a month after his youngest 
daughter graduates from High School.

Garth's one man show is truly a unique event,
and with the genius of Martin Scorsese will
surly cement Garth's place in music history.

I cannot wait.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Classic South Park Scene

Movie Remakes

Okay Michael Bay, you have remade every'
single movie there is to remake, from Jason
to Freddy, to all the other Horror franchises,
but now you have gone a step to far.

If you remake Back to the Future, you
will kill it, you will hurt your reputation,
fans will never see one of your crappy
movies again, not even Transformer nine,
"This time its the humans that transform"

When you also announced that Justin Bieber
would be good for the lead role, I thought it
was satire, but alas it wasn't.

Thankfully the original writers and co producers
and the movie studio are telling you where to go.

You don't get to touch, something that means so
much to people like Back to the Future.

I guess there is only one thing left for me to
say to you.

Make like a tree, and get out of here.

David Bain Juror

A very very brave Juror has spoken on TV
about the David Bain trial, the laws in New
Zealand are very very strict about what Jurors
can say to the media, and what the media can
write about.

Basically she said, that is was a bit wrong that
one juror, had google papers written by
Bain's lawyer Joe Karam, and printed it out for other Juror's
to read. (the papers weren't part of evidence presented)

She also didn't like that a couple of Juror members went to
the house where the Bain murderers took place without anyone
in authority with them, she also didn't like that a jury member, hugged
David Bain after the not guilty verdict, and a couple of jury
members partied with him all night.

She wrote to the Canadian Judge who is overseeing, if Bain
should be compensated or not, and the judge said he cannot
listen to her, yet this same judge is reading Joe Karam's book.

Hats off to her for speaking out, if this was reversed, Joe Karam
would be going nuts right now.

This whole case would put me off jury duty, it's a shame that
some jury members would appear to be bias going in.

Again hats off to this Jury member for speaking out.

New Zealander of the year, IMHO.

Labour Party of NZ wants to lower voting age to 16

Of all the dumb ideas, that NewZealand politicians
have had, surly this is the dumbest.

At the Labour party conference, the delegates wanted
the Labour Party to lower the voting age to 16.

Thankfully National are our Government and wont do

Of course the only reason, Labour wants to do this,
is because young people tend to vote for Labour more,
because they cant see pass the tricks Labour uses to
get people to vote for them.

I think it's a safe bet that, Labour wont be in power for
a long long time.

Time will tell.

Friday, November 16, 2012

President Obama sings "You can't touch this"

Mt Ruapehu set to Blow

Mt Ruapehu is set to blow, my advice will be, just
dont go sightseeing.

Ash anit good for you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bye Bye New Zealand Sports Media

I'm done.  You win, you win.

The New Zealand sporting Journalist
community wins.

I can no longer read any story by them, or
blog about their articles, or even use the
stats and hard data and analytics from
the leading research companies in  the world
to counter your BS.

About a year ago, I did a post on why a
victory for the All Blacks (Nickname of the
NewZealand rugby team) will be the worst thing
for sport here, and I was right, but I should've
added one expectation to the rule.

The sport of Netball.

If you think our Journos whore up, Rugby
Union, it's got nothing on the whoring they
do for Netball.

A few years ago the NZRFU invited Netball
New Zealand and our leading Journos to a
private meeting, the meeting was basically
telling the media, that these are the sports
you will promote.

Well there is now no hope for the NewZealand
sporting public, the brainwashing is complete, we
are lead to believe that Netballers are these super
sports people and the sport is global, well for the
last time, let me say this.

No one outside of New Zealand gives a Fuck about Netball.

Even in Australia woman's Baskeball is far stronger.

The SilverFerns aren't even close to being  good sportspeople,
let alone great sportspeople.

If you showed the Netball World Cup final to Female Basketballers,
Volleyballers and handball players they would piss themselves

In fact you could teach the rules of Netball to a average
female college basketball side and  within two
weeks, they would thrash the Silver Ferns by 50

The  media has lead most of NewZealand
to believe Netball players are  super fit  fast and
strong, well that is a fabrication.

I'm done, I can no longer read any NZ sporting Journo,
I cant go to any sporting message board here.

The job is done, the Rugby world cup win was the
death of sport in New Zealand,  and the sport of
Netball is the death of female sport in this country.

So a big Fuck you to the New Zealand sporting media.


Bad Parents

This is heart breaking, the big news story of the day is
of the poor 14 year old, who has taken out a restraining
order against her mother. What makes it worse, this girl
is famous, and the media is all over the story.

Now, yes there are two sides to every storyline, but
what the Mother and the Lawyer did today is just
plain disgusting, it goes beyond any method of decent

The mother and her lawyer have gone to the media to
say the daughter is making this up, because she caught
her in bed with her boyfriend.

It's beyond belief what would make a parent do this, she
is suppose to be the ADULT here, to go out and
try to embarrass and hurt your own 14 year old child is

This brave young girl was in her rights to seek a
restraining order. Now she has to go through this.

Thought are with her, and please, oh please to the
sleazy tabloid media and the mainstream media, don't
blast this child's name all over the media.

She's just a young girl.

Thoughts and wishes are with her.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Security camera captures good people

No fighting, no hurting, just niceness.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Office Review: "The Boat"

I've been loving this season of The Office, it's 1000%
better than last season.

Tonight's episode though, was terrible, in fact I would
have to say it was my least favorite episode of the entire
run of the office.

Why the hell are they making Dwight so dumb, I know
a lot of the humor revolves around Jim getting one up
on Dwight, but for pete's sake, they shouldn't have to
dumb Dwight down for this.

The Office is suppose to be a mock Doco, tonight's
episode was all that was bad about television.

As for Kevin's character, I mean seriously, he is
going to be that childish?

This season has been brilliant, but tonight's episode
was just showing competent to the fans.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Arrested"

Another brilliant episode of Modern Family, which
had a big plot point for the rest of the season.

The episode revolved about Haley underage drinking
at her college and accidently assaulting a policeman, Jay's
first wife coming for a visit, and Luke having an allergic
reaction to some soy Bacon.

The main story line belonged to Haley, and was quite
significant for a couple of reason, we saw real angry
from Phil at his daughter's reaction, and the look of
admiration from Claire was perfect, the episode
saw Haley admitting what she did, but getting kicked
out of college for it.

The DeeDee storyline did nothing for me, but Alex
was cute when she answered the questions for the
student doctors.

The best lines were...

She's got a daughter  behnind bars and im a bad parent (Cam)

Take a lot of cash, and when you flash it to the police, dont say anything, let the
eyes do the talking. (Gloria)

Its not real bacon its fockin (Cam)
Its fockin disgusting (Mitch)

Im living in a cultrual waste land (Manny)
With a heated pool (Jay)

Hayley this is real life, not a excellent movie (Phil, a reference to clueless)

What does this do (Lily)
 I don't know, but  thanks to Obama, your  paying for it (Luke)

Overall 8/10.

I had thought of doing a post about Ariel Winter's situation
in real life, but she is 14, and I'm glad she is now, somewhere
safe, and the last thing she needs is the media/bloggers giving
all the details.

Here's hoping it will work out for her.

Time will tell.

Update: (This story is sad and is getting get worse for Ariel, thoughts
with her, imho she has so done the right thing)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Obama Wins Second Term

(I'm calling it, I dont care what CNN and Fox
news are saying, the lead in Ohio is too big)

Congrats to President Obama for winning
the 2012 USA election.

President Obama deserves a second term,
he saved the USA from recession, bought
in affordable healthcare for more people,
and gave the order to kill the world's most
wanted terrorist, not sure what else people
who didn't vote for him, wanted him to do?

The media, especially Fox News, should be
embarrassed, their commentators such as
Dick Morris, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends,
were predicting  a landslide victory to Romney,
arent these guys suppose to be Journalists?

Wolf Blitzer must also be aiming for a job
at Fox News, even when President Obama
was pulling ahead in Ohio, Wolf tried to
make it close.

In the end there was just too many states that
Romney had to win.

It was always going to be too hard for Romney,
mosts stats people knew this, the media didn't.

The people spoke and they spoke for President Obama.

So once again Ohio plays a huge part.

The polls and research were right, the media's
polls and that of Dick Morris was so far off,
it should be called fraud.

If your middle class or female or gay, this is
socially a big win.

Here's hoping everybody will move forward in
the next four years.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Day to Go Till USA Election

Tomorrow is election day in the USA.

It's going to be a close and tight race if
you believe the polls.

Fingers and toes are crossed for a
second term for President Obama.

The world is watching.

Time will tell.

Homeland Review "Gettysburg"

Brilliant episode, I like how Homeland
is a smart drama, that is very very tense
indeed, and all of a sudden, they go postal,
and going postal only works in television when
you least expect it.

First off the Dana storyline, as someone pointed
out, yes she is by far a better character than 24's
Kim Bauer, and I don't think they will make her
character part of the terrorism storyline, it seems
though she may be living in fear of her boyfriend,
(the vice president's son) in future episodes, here's
hoping  they don't really play this storyline up, it's
a bit disturbing watching a young teenager get

Anyway, I thought  something would be found by
the special operations team at the shop, but I never
could guess, it would end up being total carnage,
with seven members killed, or it would seem they
are all killed. Poor Quinn.

Excellent filming of the mass shooting scene, you didn't
expect it, at all.

Where Carrie mental state goes from here, and the
plot is beyond me, this is what makes Homeland so


Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

To the writers of Homeland

Please, please, please take notice of the blacklash
that 24 had, when they tried to write Jack Bauer's
daughter into the storyline, with her getting kidnap.

There was no need to have Dana and her boyfriend,
run over a stranger, in a program about the cia
and terrorism, and a solider being turned.

This storyline will hurt the show, people hated Kim
with a passion on 24, why?, because it took away
from the actual plot, it was not needed, it was padding.

Now on the brilliant Homeland, we have just started this
crazy storyline with Dana?

It was not needed, please end this one rather quickly,
it will hurt the show otherwise.

Time will tell.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Office who would they vote for?

The following is just my opinion.

Dwight would vote for Romney
Darryl would vote for Obama
Pam would vote for Obama
Andy would vote for Obama
Angela would vote for Romney
Jim would vote for who Pam is voting for
Toby wouldn't vote
Ryan would vote for Romney.
Kelly would vote for who is cutest
Michael Scott would vote for Obama
Oscar would vote for Obama
Kevin wouldn't vote
Nellie cant vote
Meredith would vote for the hottest
Phyllis would vote for Obama
Todd Packer would vote for Romney
Creed would run for President
Erin would vote for Obama
Gabe would vote for Romney
Holly would vote for Obama

Back to the future who would they vote for?

The following is just my opinion.

Marty McFly would vote for Obama
Doc Brown would vote for Obama.
Biff Tannen would vote for Romney.
Mr Strickland would vote for Romney.
George McFly would vote for Obama.
Lorriane McFly would vote for  Romney.
Jennifer Parker would vote for Obama
Mad dog Tannen wouldn't vote
Clara Clayton would vote for Obama.

Modern Family, who would they vote for?

The following is just my opinion.

Cam would vote for Obama
Mitch would vote for Obama.
Jay  would vote for Romney
Gloria would vote for Obama
Phil would vote for Obama
Claire would vote for Romney
Alex would vote for Obama
Luke would vote for a third party.
Hayley would vote for who is more fashionable.
Manny would abstain from voting.
Dylan wont be able to find the voting booth.
Lily would vote for Larry.

Dick Morris

Is Dick Morris the worst political commentator in history?

He is certainly the worst pollster in history.

For months he has been saying this election will be a landslide
to Romney, he has told people the polls are skewed in President
Obama's favour, and that his polls are more accurate.

He is now saying, that Romney will still win, but it will be closer
because of Hurricane Sandy.

Look, lets be honest here, Dick Morris's biggest gig, is to
go on Fox News and bash the democrats, he has never
gotten over the fact that Clinton fired him.

Now I don't mind people pushing their guy or criticizing someone
they don't like.

I just hope they will be factually correct, and not full of it.

Make no mistake, Dick Morris is full of it.

He's going to be a sad man come election day.

He seems like a sad man anyway.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mr Burns Endorses Romney

Hopefully Smithers will be for President Obama.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Yard Sale"


Again a perfect episode from Modern Family. The episode
revolved around the family's yard sale, the main story centered
around if Alex's boyfriend was gay, he obviously is, but that
doesn't stop Alex from believing different.

The other side stories were, Phil being scared of motorcycles
but wanting to prove he was a man, Mitch wanting to keep
the jeans and Gloria's puppet.

I really loved the Alex story, it's a hard write to write a
story line involving  a14 year old girl, you can either get
too cheesy like Disney programmes or too dramatic
like a movie of the week, it helps that the actress that
plays her, Ariel Winter is only 14 in real life.

The one liners were coming thick and fast, some of
the best Modern family has ever written, they were.

Even I think its nerdy and im fluent in elvish (Alex)

I'm ready to plurge and thats not how i lost weight (Cam)

I'm terrified of motorcycles but sometimes you have to
do things to show your still a man (Phil)

I'm not nervous Ive had bigger hogs than this between my legs. (Phil)

Can you talk to her (Claire)

Not when she is like this, oh you mean alex? (Cam)

You didnt need to bring in ya big gay guns to back it up, no offense. (Alex)

I kinda like it (Cam)

What's your return policy (person at yard sale)

You return I call the police (Jay)

Again 10/10 for the funniest show on tv.