Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Young Person of the Year

Meet Malala Yousufzai, she recently won
the International Child Peace Prize for her
blog that promoted a girl's right to get an
education under an Islamic state.

She also recently got shot for it. Yep the Islamic
Taliban Terrorists didn't like, that she was speaking
up, or wanting an education, so they shot her.

But who else is too blame for this??

Well I say the  government's of the middle east, the
so called friends of the west, for not condemning
the actions of terrorists more strongly.

For them to take as little action as they did
was appalling.

They seem to care about about protecting their
reputation and disassociating themselves from the
Terrorists, instead of doing what is right.

The same can be said about the leaders in the
middle east and their response to the youtube video "The
innocence of Muslims"

They basically shut up and said nothing, AlJazeera
TV ( The Islamic version of Faux News) reported
it as An American made Video, not a video made
by an American, and also have failed to report the
tens of millions of dollars of Aid the USA has given
to Egypt.

They've failed to tell their people the truth.

It sickens me.

So here's to a full recovery for the brave
Malala Yousufzai and heres hoping she
can continue to get a higher education.

I'm sure America will give her the opportunity,
not that people would admit that in certain
countries of the world.

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