Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wilson Dixon New Zealand's worst standup Comedian

Wilson Dixon is not only the worst stand up
comedian New Zealand has produced, but
he must also be one of the weakest stand up
comedian's on the globe.

Can you imagine, if  someone wanted  to satirize a rock
star image, and they ended up dressing like Cliff Richard.

Can you imagine if someone wanted to satirize a pop
star and they dressed up as Jerry Lee Lewis.

Can you imagine if someone wanted to satirize a
Rap artist and they had a Basketball in their hand.

Well every Journalist, every critic, every member of the
public would boo that comedian off the stage.

For some reason though, this guy is cheered, are
kiwis this dumb? are we that ignorant of the genre
of country music, that we think this is good
satire, that we think he has perfected it?

He is not even close, to what  a good satire of
the country music genre would be.

He needs to take lessons from a Jeff Foxworthy
or a Rodney Carrington.

But hey, when you have Journalists and critics
such as the ones in New Zealand, you don't
have to be close, you don't have to be anywhere
near perfect, you just have to talk in a strange
accent about horses while wearing a hat.

His unfunny advice to wannabe country singers
to "have sex with an animal" is just pathetic and pointless,
can you imagine if a stand up comedian making fun of
the rap genre said his advice to wanna be rap singers
would be to  "Go out and attack a white woman'

There would be hell to pay.

My biggest problem with so called comedian Jesse
Dixon's alter ego, "Wilson", is that he isn't funny.

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